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Rehabilitation and Therapy for Professional Models

professional models rehab therapyThe world of professional modeling can be an unforgiving one. The expectations of physical beauty are higher than in any other profession, and other expectations of the profession can be extremely demanding as well. Stress, anxiety and mental disorders are not uncommon to professional models, and a high number of them turn to addiction and substance abuse to escape from the pressures of their professions, or to enhance their modeling attributes. A life of professional modeling can drive certain types of people to unhealthy lifestyle choices, but help is available for professional models who want to regain their physical and mental health.

There are a number of substances that can either help a person meet the physical demands of professional modeling or temporarily relieve the stress of professional modeling, but many come with a cost. Diet pills and addictive prescription drugs that control a person’s weight are unnatural and unhealthy. Street drugs and cigarettes, which are highly addictive and very dangerous to a person’s health, are often used to control weight or relieve stress. Professional models sometimes even turn to alcohol, despite the ramifications it has on their looks as far as weight gain and skin condition are concerned.

Certain behaviors and disorders can also play addictive or troubling roles in the lives of professional models. Eating disorders are very common in the world of professional modeling, such as binging, purging, withholding food and bulimia. In an effort to meet the very precise weight and clothing size requirements of professional modeling, many adapt these unhealthy behaviors in order to control their physical appearance. Mental and mood disorders are also common, such as stress, anxiety and depression, due to extreme working conditions, long hours and heavy expectations.

Professional models who are suffering from addiction or mental disorders should know that there is professional help available to them, specifically tailored to their needs. Certain rehabilitation programs and counseling services are designed for models and actors in order to address the circumstances and hardships specific to these professions. Many of the staff members in these treatment programs are former actors and models who beat their addiction or disorder, and are now lending help to those seeking a way out. If you or someone you care about is a professional model who is struggling with addiction or mental disorder, do not hesitate to reach out for help today. Models working in the United States have access to professional California, New York and Florida drug treatment centers. Models working in Canada have access to Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia drug treatment centers.